23 December 2005


For the first time since I was in my early teens, we have a Christmas tree up albeit only 12" high. It's not that Kris Kringles is making me go ho ho ho and filling me tum-tum with merriment. No, haven't had the spirit in me. Once my grandma went, that was the end of christmas for my family.

So, still in the process of cleaning the house, I thought I'd put up a little one just so one corner would be lit.

Merry Christmas again!


mamasan said...

Yes, we have entered consumer heaven and left all reason behind. Our Christmas tree (which last year was thrown out for being unloved) was bought, decorated with 5 different sets of baubles, 3 different string designs, a fat santa, a pink feather peacock, ribbons and 4 strings of lights - which are so bright we can't really see everything else when it's on. And the colours... well, best left unsaid.

Merry Christmas Derwin!

Lovey, Christina

Anonymous said...

Edwin, u dont know me but i have dropped in occasionally to have a peek at yr blogsite. I just had to say that i was pleasantly surprised to see that by way of a simple gesture like putting up a tiny tree, u dispelled my initial impression of u as one who'd go "Bah Humbug!" at Christmas! May u have a grand time with Dicken's christmas ghosts....they CAN light up dark corners ;p


Edwin Sumun said...

A book has a cover...you dig? Thanks nonetheless. Happy New Year. ;)