27 June 2006

today. so how?

Bless Star World Sports for it's live coverage of the Wimbledon Open. My fever is still on the tennis circuit. The rest of you can take your M.C.s from work to do your fancy footwork on the sofa or at the mamak stalls, who, by the way, are making a ton of money while you sleep at the desk. You snooze, you lose.

I'm sitting here pondering the next step in my illustrious photography career. Only just started and already I'm sending in my pictures for competition. Why not? All in the name of finding the perfect balance between theatre on stage and theatre through the eye of a camera. This new hobby has opened my already wide eyes even more to the subtle details of the humdrum of KL life. I even got a chicken to pose for me. I say that's quite an accomplishment! Chickens don't even stop for on-coming traffic. It seems harder for humans to stop though. Everytime I ask someone to pose, they run. Just stand still ok? Where you in a hurry to get to? Football? You can kiss my balls! You may have been the winning picture, twat!

Oh, Steffi Graf is watching her husband Andre play! I love Steffi! By far, the most talented female tennis champion. Ok, time to stop and watch the lawns of Wimbledon. I forgot to turn on the telly. Can't you believe that?

20 June 2006

you go to my head

Back from a wonderful trip. JB is great, Singapore is good for the soul and KL is home sweet home. Got Randy back yesterday and he looks smashing (no pun intended)!

Care United Club Johor Bahru, kudos to a job well done! You are truly a charity everyone should use as a model. The amount of effort that you ladies pour into your work only humbles me. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of you if only for the weekend.

I haven't had much time to read the news and crap since coming back yesterday. Anything interesting I should worry about? Sugar still a crisis? Siti Nurhaliza married yet? No? Well, tough titties. Doesn't leave me much does it?

I think I should be an Apple Computer consultant. I seem to getting a higher buzz from helping the KL sales staff sell iPods and computers. I'm avoiding watching any theatre work. I'm getting just a tad bit tired from the same-ole same-ole. Funny innit? My passion right now is thinking of ideas of keeping open The Top Room. The most wonderful place in town to listen to Jazz. It's only 3 months old but the owners are thinking of possibly shutting it down. Why? Not enough bums on seats. Last weekend, the incomparable Mike Veerapen Trio performed to an audience of 6. That's right, S-I-X. This is the very place that I'm supposed to sing one day (lord knows when, I'm never good enough it seems) and if it closes down then what? Pay the daylight robbery rental of KLPAC and TASB? You can fuck that!

I just don't understand why the Top Room isn't jamming with people. The only time I've seen it filled was opening night. What a fun night that was! The music then, as it is now, FANTASTIC!!!

So, if you, like me, don't want to see the end of a dream, head over to The Top Room and leave your comments and suggestions. Can?

14 June 2006

diva im-mobile

The weather is dreary and I have meetings and errands before I drive down to JB/Singapore tomorrow for an event this weekend. On my way back to meet a friend who had to pass me something to take with me, I met with an unfortunate accident. An accident that I have been expecting for the last 2 years. You must think I'm a tad bit looney for saying so but it get's loonier. A Feng Shui man I consulted a few years ago predicted my career would take on new levels but I had to be careful cos I would get into an accident. He said, "In between 2-3 years lah."

SCREEECCHH!! BAMMMM!! White smoke billowing from my bonnet!!! And half an hour later, I'm booked to fly instead (courtesy of my gracious clients) and Randy is in the workshop. Here he is!

So now, I'm going to 'mandi bunga' and 'buang sway' (in foreign tongue: Wash myself clean of negative energy)

And you know, the funny thing is, I was dreading the drive down. And now I'm flying. Oh, how the Universe works!

13 June 2006

new vintage

Lightning cracking, a threatening storm and it's only 12 pm. I come back to The Diva Series with only minor changes happening in this little world of ours. Federer tried and failed yet again. Henin-Hardenne showed why she was once World No.1. Schumacher and his team's excuses. Our Malaysian government and their excuses. In Singapore, people would be hanged for a saying a bad word against Minister Mentor Lee. Here, a Tun, a title bestowed only to the worthiest of worthy, faces ridicule of the nation.

Yes, Mr.Tun hasn't been the most popular of leaders with the supposed elite. But dare I say this? Piss off! The man has made some very suspect decisions but really, where would we be today? Still that jungle people (foreign) think we're living in. As a past leader, he is entitled to comment on the policies of the present government. The press, of course, milk it for all its worth. As residents, we have a choice of reading the news or not. Today, front page, a sugar shortage with a picture of a man with a trolley looking at empty shelves in a supermarket. Ground-breaking reportage innit?

And now the rain falls. The sun will rise again. But when?

Until then, I savour the cool breeze wafting through the window-panes.

9 June 2006

Are You Ready?

for the return of the Diva himself (yes, that's right - ME!)?