12 September 2007


I really must slap myself for not only succumbing but being a bad crack-addict on this thing called Facebook. Why oh why is it so good? I really should be doing things like ironing out the details of the play I'm about to direct, wash my filthy car, eat...

So, here I am taking a break from it.

The traffic in the city has become unbearable. The heat is unbearable. Though blue skies are a comfort to see. No hazy hazy. I was a near a damsel in distress at class today. If the temperature went up by one degree, I would've fainted and my students would've stomped all over me.

I'm speaking nonsense. It's not that hot. My students were very well behaved today. And they actually finished their homework. A first for this class.

This heat is making me loopy.