13 October 2007

Eid is now!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri! It's been a whole month of fasting and facebooking. Ramadhan is like Lent, you give up (some say sacrifice) a certain number of things to prove to your God that you have, are and will continue to be a good person. Did I fast (give up food??) Did I only log on to Facebook once a day? A big fat no. I ate more than ever and you know I poked all day long. But I am a good(ish) person.

However today, we celebrate all that is good and wish each other the holiday greetings. I sit back and thank the Universe and the memory of my late father for all the joys they have given me so far this year. 2007 is moving fast and I'm riding the wave as if channeling Kelly Slater's spirit.

What do I have to celebrate? I'm directing a play with 2 incredible actors, I'm dating someone, I've already been booked for 2 huge shows for 2008 and next week, I perform in my 2nd Jazz show. Positive thinking is definitely the way to go.

My friend's have told me of this book 'The Secret' and I think it's fabulous how some people have started to sort themselves out from just reading it. I have no need to read it. I believe enough to know there are no secrets when it comes to my life. It's whether I choose to accept the answers that stare me in the face. Or ignore them cos I'm too damned blind.

And best of all, Kylie Minogue returns with her best album to date to give me the tunes to dance as I close the year. Kylie X will be released November 26. Mark it!

2 months to go. 2008. Hell yeah!