13 February 2007


The girls and me finally got together. Not all of us flew over to Sydney for Cheng's wedding. But when the wedding came to KL this past Sunday night, we all got a shot in before we sauntered to the bar. Yes, we were pissed-faced! Good ol'fashioned headaches and stinky hotel room.

One thing is confirmed: A wedding is only fun when you're part of it. Not as guest cos it's bloody boring and tedious. How many times have you been to a wedding, as a guest, and couldn't wait to leave?

I also need to take a breather from my friends Johnny, Macallan and Dom. Soda on the rocks pour moi.

Class of '07 (l-r): Seows, Cheng, Wei, Candice, Way Cheng, Me & Shen (or Ivy to the boys!)

4 February 2007

a new leaf turned

And so I'm back, from outer space. I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face. Well, don't fret my pet. I was very close to deleting this blog. Why? I don't have much to complain about nowadays. I've kinda let things go. In other words, I have other more non-trivial matters to occupy my time. Photography is one of them. I just came back from a wonderful holiday and took a lot of pictures. Even renamed one of my dormant blogs and turned it into a photoblog.

For the one reader that's been following this diva's footsteps (yes you WMW), you'll know that I've been spending my days over at KLDP. Now you can join me on my wanderings at Vision 20/20, see over at Mirrorball for the link.

Work also seems to be on the brigther side of things. This years looks set to be quite a busy one for me. I have a fund-raiser to plan for my company. I was fortunate to have HSBC in the Arts include Sumunda in it's sponsorship programme. Not very much but enough to get some balls rolling. So, if you have any ideas, please feel free to pass them over.

Now back to the luscious holiday I just came home from. Sydney in Summer. I went because a dear friend got married. In the park on a lovely saturday afternoon. Had a drunken night with another friend as we consumed two bottles of white in an hour while we flirted with the waiters. She was infuriated that one of the waiters touched my shoulders instead of hers each time he walked past. Is it my fault I'm the better flirt? The man was straight. The power I wield. Aaaahhh....

There were so many moments on this trip. Most of the spare days we had after the wedding, I left the girls to go mad in the shops while I sat on park benches under trees drinking latte after latte. I can't seem to get enough of Aussie milk. One day, my friend Pod took me on an early morning coastal walk which went from Bondi to Bronte all the way down to Cavelli. It was absolutely breathtaking views of the clear sky and crisp waters lashing against the rocks and sand. There was even a graveyard on one of the cliffs. All the tombstones faced the sea. Nothing spooky about it. There was a sort of serenity when I walked past. Of course, Pod and me stopped for a latte. Stupidly, I forgot my swim shorts. Luckily, the girls and me had decided the day before that we'd all meet at Circular Quay and head to Manly beach. I called them to pack me a towel and shorts.

Then whoosh! I dived into the cool water and the rest they say, was the best holiday I've had in my history.

I would like to thank Bills for the ricotta hotcakes and coconut bread. And Longrain for the Gin Sin and Stigmata cocktails. But most of all, thank you for waiting.

It's good to be back.