23 April 2007

one month

Ooh, I didn't realise a month has passed and I've not posted here. April is a week away from it's end and what a month it's been! A widow whose late husband converted to Islam after marriage has had her child taken away from her by the Islamic authorities. This is the second time something as ridiculous as this has happened in this great country of mine. Elsewhere in the world, namely the USA where anyone can own a gun, a stressed-out Korean student goes on a rampage, kills 32 people and then himself. The French elections saw one of the highest voter turnouts in their recent election history. More flooding and dying flashing on our TV screens and in our newspapers. In the past few days, we've learnt that schools in the UK have decided it best to stop teaching about the Holocaust and the Crusades. What?!?

How can I even begin to enjoy the gifts I have received? Well, I have. It helps to ease the tension of the nonsense. Yes, I call it nonsense. Someone is not doing their job. And that's nonsense.

I have been blessed to have been given the chance of working with a group of individuals that show me, on a weekly basis, that life should and must be enjoyed and celebrated. Every waking moment. No matter what. They continue to show me that innocence can never be lost.

Tomorrow, they'll continue to surprise me.