5 April 2006


I remember when I started The Diva Series, I asked myself how long the attraction would last. Sitting in traffic today, I realised that it had long faded into a mere memory of a forgotten lover.

Thaksin has won the elections in Thailand, Car prices dropped, petrol prices are up and an employee of Strüdels was killed as he opened his outlet one early morning. Like I said, the news depresses me.

Today, during an important script writing session (I accidently left my phone on) I got a call from a woman named Jackie. She's from something-something TV Australia. Her news to me was this: Candice and me have been short-listed for Amazing Race Asia. Candice missed the call and now she's pissing in her panties. Just as exciting is that American Idol comes on in an half hour.

So, what I'm getting at is this: I'll be blogging elsewhere from now on. The Diva is on sabbbatical. Thank you so much for being here these past few months.

I leave you with one last Diva shot.

Don't close your eyes, run into my arms, so that I can hold you tight.
Don't close your eyes, lead into your charms, baby let me hold you right...

Do right everyone. Till then.

postscript: I'll be back

1 April 2006

Many happy returns...

April Fools Day. The day that marks SUMUNDA's birthday. We are 2 years old!

Winning awards, collaborating with foreign theatre pratitioners, difficult clients, generous sponsors... But all this doesn't compare to the reception of the audience. Thank you so very much for making my work all the more meaningful.

and Happy Birthday to Apple for making the most desirable products and my designing life easier