29 March 2006

scene one, take one

In the last two insomnia-fueled nights, I watched 3 excellent movies: 2 of them starring my much-admired idols and one that just blew my mind with clever cinematography and editing. Is this a movie review post? Possibly but according to some twats I'm too critical and too much of a perfectionist. So, let me prove them right (just for now) and not do a review per se. I'll just be all warm and glowy and rave on the excellentness of these movies.

Mrs. Henderson Presents with Dame Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins, directed by Stephen Frears. Wonderful costumes. You don't even notice the amount of CGI used. Flawless execution on a beautifully crafted script set during the Second World War. Simple at times but tells the story of a woman who has lost both husband and son, who, in her old age, decides she wants a hobby. She buys a theatre, hires a manager, gets some dancers to go full monty. The chemistry between Dench and Hoskins... you just can't buy it, priceless.

Keeping Mum with Dame Maggie Smith, a serial killer of sorts, Rowan Atkinson and a scrumptuous performance by Kristin Scott Thomas. Labelled as Black Comedy, this is British humour at its best. Patrick Swayze (him of Ghost fame) makes an appearance and I was pleasantly surprised by his comedic prowess. The scene that really got me was... Oh no, can't tell you, can I? Kills the surprise. Directed by Niall Johnson. Clever. Incredibly clever.

This next one, I don't know where to begin. It's simply brilliant albeit the questionable American accent of one Mr. Ewan McGregor. Good performance but that accent... Aiyo! But less than 10 minutes into the movie, you forget about the accent as Stay sucks you into the world that crosses between reality and illusion. The cast includes Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling and appearances by Janeane Garofalo and Bob Hoskins. A psychiatrist, played by Ewan, meets a strange and mysterious young man, Gosling, who claims to want to commit suicide in three days, the day he turns 21. Naomi plays Ewan's girlfriend who was once his patient. Ewan's sense of reality gets questioned everytime the young man seeks his council. The editing (Matt Chessé) and excellent direction (Marc Forster) takes you on a roller-coaster ride. Twists and turns and even at the end, you, the audience, questions whether it's the end. If I ever had the opportunity of directing a movie, this would definately be one source of inspiration.

Present film-makers, especially the younger generation, seem to have a firm grasp on the MTV culture that is prevalent in the society. Fast cuts, minimal dialogue, catchy graphics/imagery and music that I thought would remain locked in my private library.

Tonight, I battle insomnia again but will have to win as I have an early day.

26 March 2006

Demi Negara Yg. Tercinta

As I wait for more answers to the question I posted lord-knows-when, here's another one. This year's theme for the Cameronians Awards Night is 'Your Malaysia.'

What is Malaysia to you?

All bloggers' answers welcomed.

23 March 2006


So, it's 11 A.M. and I arrive at the Mandarin Oriental just in time to have a cup of BOH Cameronian tea and mince into the press conference. The Cameronians are divided into 3 categories: Dance, Music and Theatre. I cut my nails earlier in the day to prevent any unnecessary nervous biting trés un-glam. The wait was killing. The Dance nomineess were announced first followed by the Music nominees. You know, I was kicking myself silly inside. The wait was killing (I said that already, haven't I?)

Cue dramatic music in my head. The orchestra plays the overture. Ladies and Gentlemen, the nominees for Theatre are...

Okay, so I got that one nomination that I expected. Best Lighting Design. Yay! A tear formed in my eye. Yes. That was the one. Up till today, people still talk about the impeccable lighting design in Electronic City. Happy lah I! BUT, it didn't stop there.

Best Set Design, Best Costume Design and, pour moi, Best Music and Sound Design. 4 Bloody Nominations!!! Yeeeeeehawwww!!! (one short of last year's 5 but 3 more than my ego expected.)

After all the cheshire cat grinning, I had a quick lunch and rushed home to take Henry to the vet. Finally, he let me carry him into the car. I'll leave out all the gory details at the vet (he was screaming blue murder!) and three hours later, he's home recuperating. He better remember his lesson learnt and not do another runner. He's up and about already. Supposed to be sedated till night but he was trying to get up 30 minutes after sedation. My boy is a hero! One lucky dog he is and I'm one lucky owner. Woof Woof! Bow Wow! It's the year of the Dog and I think I'm getting another one soon too. That brings my canine tally up to 4.

Those of you who want to check out the nominations: Cameronian Arts Awards 2005 and there's an Audience Choice Award hint hint (ChiQ, you know what to do...Again!)

'Tis a cheerful day despite the traffic, storm and falling trees.

What's on the news today eh? Electronic City, Sumunda and me, that's what. Screw the rest! Yeah baby yeah!

22 March 2006


Henry looks miserable, Avian Flu has well and truly taken over the headlines and I missed Alexandré Despatie win the 1m Springboard Gold. And yet, I have a smile on my face.

Tomorrow is the Cameronian Arts Awards Nominations Announcement press conference. Butterflies in my tummy as I breathelessly wait to see if Electronic City, the play I directed last year, will garner more than one nomination. It's not that the awards are something I need to validate my theatrical existence. I just want to win a couple. Note that the operative word is WANT. If it does win, that would put Sumunda in a win-win 100% success situation. A company that's only 2 years old, only done 2 productions and both are award winners. That, for me, would be a great present for Sumunda's coming birthday. Why do I want these awards? I can go on doing the work I believe in without the awards. However, with a trophy or two, the corporates sit up and take notice. With that comes the job of getting sponsorship. They see awards, the more likely they are to part with their dosh. Fingers crossed.

Avian Flu. No more poultry for me. I think not. I will eat duck and chicken. We had a beautiful aviary but no more. The authorities decided to kill every single bird in the enclosure. I'm sure a few of those birds were endangered. No need to worry about being endangered anymore. Dead. No more chirping. Dead. Ahh-choooo... BANG! Dead.

Malaysian diver Yeoh Ken Nee was second to Alexandré. That's a great accomplishment for Malaysia. Alex is the reigning World Champion. Which means if Ken Nee was trained properly from now on, he could well take on the Russians and Chinese. The next World Diving Championships and the Beijing Olympics will be a test of his abilities. Good luck but my hard earned emcee fees are on Mr. Hotty Despatie. Oh yeah baby yeah!

What else is in the news today? Who gives a crap!

21 March 2006

the prodigal son returns

I finally fell asleep at 5 A.M. I waited by the door hoping that Henry would find his way back.

Two years ago he ran out and he came back a day later with a 2-inch wide gash on his neck and a couple of puncture wounds on his body. The neighbourhood gang of vicious hounds got him. But he found his way back. That's why I only let him out if I have the leash on him and we walk for an hour or so. I worried so much more this time because my mother claimed he went as far as the main road.

At 4:30, when I was about to give up my wait and head to bed, I heard him howling. Henry was at the gate. Yes, looking very dishevelled but he came back! Gave him a big hug first and we walked into the house. That was when I noticed the gash on his neck, a cut on his testicle sack and scrapes all over him. I tried to clean him but he wouldn't let me. Left him to sleep.

Today he just sits. I've to let him just recover. Tomorrow I'll take him to the vet. Thanks for all your well-wishes.

xx always.


Earlier this evening, I came home from a meeting and was about to get ready to go to the launch of KL's brand new jazz lounge when my mother comes in to tell me that she let Henry out and instead of getting him back into the house, she let him follow her as she walked to the shops...on the main road! So, 3 hours later, in the rain and with a friend helping, the search returns empty handed. Of all my dogs, Henry is my baby. The scariest of thoughts is that I live in a Malay area. I asked all and the looks I got... I just hope he finds his way back. I continue searching in the morning.

Did I forget to mention that my mother does not like Henry? She is not the least bit concerned that he's gone AWOL. This puts further strain on an already strained mother-son relationship.

19 March 2006

my common wealth

I've been too busy to flip to the Commonwealth Games coverage but I know I will be watching the moment the Aquatics begin, especially Diving. Why? For only Canadian diver Alexandré Despatie will lure me to drop all business engagements and glue my eyes to the telly.

If this champion of a male specimen isn't competing for his country, I'll continue being busy. Somehow the games hold no attraction for me. Oh look where the Maple leaf is on his Speedos!

And yes, please keep answering the question from the post below. The mystery is yet to be revealed. Remember, the more you give me, the more I can do with it. Muah muah and all that! xx

15 March 2006

autumn tactics

100 watt lightbulbs flashing over my head. Humour me if you will.

What is the one most loved thing you like to do?
(when you're down, sad, dissappointed, etc. to give you a boost)

Please leave your commments. I have something up my creative sleeves.

13 March 2006


Hello y'all! Howdy do? Apa khabar and Selamat Welcome of my city! I hope you semua buat very the enjoy and sit-sit for a nice timing here!

Before you wonder if I've gone even further off my rocker, take a gander at my newest blog: Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo. I've joined a worldwide family of photo bloggers who, everyday, show us what their city looks like. KL Daily photos are sights that are interesting and amusing to my diva eye. Today's photo is hilarious! But it shows the state of the English language we are currently in.

Go on. Take a look and explore the world from very colourful perspectives.

lost & found

I'm back! Completely rejuvenated from a much needed getaway. Who doesn't destress when put up in a Club Lounge room on the 23rd floor of the Raffles Plaza hotel? "Hello, Good Morning Mr.Sumun. Is there anything we can get you?" "Yes, can you make me a teh-tarik?" I then sit on my chaise lounge looking out the balcony window facing the Drama Centre where I'll be performing in August.
"Will you be checking out at 8 tonight Mr.Sumun?" 8pm check-out! What a dream not to have to lug around baggage while I roam the streets of the Lion City.

With a load lifted of my shoulders, I'm ready for KL once again. See you soon everyone!

8 March 2006


Where was I? Oh yes. A busy week. So many appointments and no time to do much else. No news to crap on either. That has led me to post on one of my other blogs, one that I've neglected for way too long. So, that's where I've been (for the 10 of you who are wondering) and I'm here to say that's its gonna be another couple more days before something gets my goat. I'm out of town for the week and will be computerless. Yay! The next few days will give me the opportunity of watching the world go by. I'll be down south: Johor Bahru and a quick jaunt into the Lion City, Singapore. Bear with me while I go live a life that's more than virtual. Oh, and not having to answer emails. That is such a blessing for me.

I cordially ask all government bodies and world leaders to hold off making any irrational decisions until my fingers get back to the board. And wasn't this year's Oscar ceremony disappointing? Please, it's time we saw the Baftas on telly. I'd rather get some British dry wit and humour than watch a bunch of Uhmericans patting themselves on the back for doing next to nothing. Dato's should also just stay in Malaysia (or Hong Kong) and give up having a career in Hollywood. Felicity Huffman was robbed. I'm in love with Jake Gynllenhal. And thank you Keira for your overbite. My friends and me have had a great time mimicking you. Countless moments. Have I left anything out? OH! Candice and me have sent in our Amazing Race Asia application! Fingers crossed.

Onwards to disc 5 of Rome!

3 March 2006

agua por favor!

Polluted water in Kuala Lumpur. That's what happens when you teach pigs how to swim. And it gives a whole new meaning to the word 'septic' tank. Now I understand why everyone around me is ill. Drinking water my ass. Stinking water more like it. Someone is going to blame someone and no-one is going to take responsibilty for it. It took them this long to admit there was a problem. I want clean water. I can't afford to fill my bathtub with Spritzer. It's no wonder my morning coffee has had a muddy taste to it. And all this weight I'm putting on round my waist. I've been drinking several mugs of pork-fee everyday! And did I mention that this queen hasn't held court this past few days? At least I'm saving on the loo rolls.

All hail our developed nation!