22 March 2006


Henry looks miserable, Avian Flu has well and truly taken over the headlines and I missed Alexandré Despatie win the 1m Springboard Gold. And yet, I have a smile on my face.

Tomorrow is the Cameronian Arts Awards Nominations Announcement press conference. Butterflies in my tummy as I breathelessly wait to see if Electronic City, the play I directed last year, will garner more than one nomination. It's not that the awards are something I need to validate my theatrical existence. I just want to win a couple. Note that the operative word is WANT. If it does win, that would put Sumunda in a win-win 100% success situation. A company that's only 2 years old, only done 2 productions and both are award winners. That, for me, would be a great present for Sumunda's coming birthday. Why do I want these awards? I can go on doing the work I believe in without the awards. However, with a trophy or two, the corporates sit up and take notice. With that comes the job of getting sponsorship. They see awards, the more likely they are to part with their dosh. Fingers crossed.

Avian Flu. No more poultry for me. I think not. I will eat duck and chicken. We had a beautiful aviary but no more. The authorities decided to kill every single bird in the enclosure. I'm sure a few of those birds were endangered. No need to worry about being endangered anymore. Dead. No more chirping. Dead. Ahh-choooo... BANG! Dead.

Malaysian diver Yeoh Ken Nee was second to Alexandré. That's a great accomplishment for Malaysia. Alex is the reigning World Champion. Which means if Ken Nee was trained properly from now on, he could well take on the Russians and Chinese. The next World Diving Championships and the Beijing Olympics will be a test of his abilities. Good luck but my hard earned emcee fees are on Mr. Hotty Despatie. Oh yeah baby yeah!

What else is in the news today? Who gives a crap!


CHiQ said...

I hope you get nominated too. pastu, i buat heboh macam the last time. :P

Anonymous said...

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