13 December 2007

mistletoe & wine

I know I'm not the only one feeling that the year went by faster than the previous one. However, I'm eternally grateful for 2007. Work, love and life, to sum it up in one word, fantastic! Looking forward to closing the year and ushering in the new one.

And yet, we live in a time of unrest, adding to the already strained society trying to find a comfortable balance. The fluffiest of fluff makes it to the cover of news, sometimes washing over the important stuff that matters.

So, where does that leave the individual? How can I claim what is right for me when I have to dismiss my dreams and join the unrested thousands and grab what is right for all?

These days, I feel we're not asking the proper questions. Questions that have answers. An acquaintance asked me what I thought about our recent government-tagged upheavals. I said we're thinking too literally. It's time to spread out and go lateral. And we forget we're not a western nation. We live in a region going through a materialistic phase. The rest of the world is in post. For us, it's all about gain and it's dirty.

My suggestion: Play the game but join it with intention to unlevel the playing field. Play fair and make it smart. Nobody likes to sprayed with acid.

Which brings me to this time of year. A season of giving. So give it your best shot.

9 December 2007

burger me senseless

The Daily Grind is now open for business! This is a shameless promo for a dear friend's brand new F&B outlet. Juicy burgers and killer milkshakes. Where? Bangsar Village.

We were there last night, beers all round and stuffed. My burger craving is finally satiated. I've been waiting years for a good burger in Kuala Lumpur. Now it's here, I have no need to have a burger the first thing after arriving in Singapore.

I've also posted some shots of the delectable food over at my Flickr page. Go have a look, salivate and make your way to The Daily Grind.

Burger yourself senseless!

*virtual subliminal message: Kylie X is now in Malaysian music stores. BUY!