22 March 2007

that's the way I've always heard it should be

The weather's dreary these days. But does that reduce the possibilty of enjoying yourself? I think not and I know you'll agree.

It's been an eventful week so far. It all began when I met a friend for lunch and we decided to browse the new Borders after. Sifting through the jazz section of the CDs, I found some absolute rare gems that no other store had. I was whooping with excitement when in my hands were 3 Sarah Vaughan albums I'd been hunting for what seemed like forever. These were albums she recorded for the Pablo label, considered by many to be some of the best stuff in her career. I couldn't agree more. She was in her fifties and her voice had lost none of it's virtuosity but developed a deep resonance that was remarkable. Sarah Vaughan's musicality and superb craftmanship of interpreting lyrics IS second to none.

Here's what I found:
1) I Love Brazil! (Jobim and Nascimento on this album!)
2) Copacabana (nothing to do with Barry Manilow ok?)
3) Linger Awhile: Live at the Newport Jazz Festival 1957 (bloody fantastic!)

These albums kept me company while I made my way to judging a college drama competition. Good job kids! Kept me entertained for 2 evenings.

Yesterday, I bought, online, the ultimate Sarah Vaughan album, her 1973 concert in Japan. Digital download. No need to wait for the postman. I was in paradise for 2 hours!

Today, as I was about to leave home for a recording of my own, the postman tooted at the gate. I had a package. From a friend in Singapore. He sent me a CD. Mark Murphy's new album, Love Is What Stays. Brilliantly produced by Till Brönner (very sexy German trumpeter!)

Yay! I've been enjoying the traffic.

Went to watch Frank Miller's 300. I see now why people have been telling me I'm Xerxes. But really, would I wear that much jewellery? Good to see Gerard Butler without his Phantom mask.

Tomorrow is the final round of the above mentioned drama competition. I'll be in traffic again, which usually gets me in a foul mood. These kids can count themselves fortunate that the CD changer in my car will keep me in a swinging frame of mind.

ps. Melinda Doolittle is the next American Idol. And Blake Lewis is strangely sexy.

9 March 2007

come on down

I'm feeling better. Not down and grumpy. Why? Because 1: I helped a good friend buy her DSLR (and her first few shots are fantastic!) and 2: I'm getting out of KL for a couple of days. Going Down Under, Singapore that is. Going to chill with some kids and watch other people get creative and all theatre-like.

Will be introduced to a young man, whom one friend wants for me to give him acting tips and another friend who says he's good-looking and swings on my side of the parade. Oh dear! I'm in for a spot of distraction. If I suggest for him to "feel it", he'll think I mean emotions and I'm thinking...you know what I'm thinking! I'll be wishing it's more than just thinking. I prefer to think out loud. Very loud. Yeah baby kinda loud!

Oh yeah baby! Have a great weekend!

7 March 2007

i should be so lucky

Hello Every Body! What a month has past! I missed celebrating most of Chinese New Year because my lower back acted up again which made me bedridden for the first few days of the festival. Then spent the rest of the time recuperating. Only got up on my feet last week. Had to do a show on Saturday. In 5-inch stilettos. Back in pain. Sharp pain shooting down my left leg. What the heck?!? All this at 33. I tell you, I think I should sell my house and retire. Go buy a hut in a village perhaps. This of course kills my plans to buy a bicycle. Can't pedal. I wonder if bicycles come in the one pedal variety?

I haven't taken a decent photograph. My mind is a mess. I can't remember appointments. Nor string a logical sentence together without some crass comment flying off my tongue.

Thank god for trance music. And Sarah Vaughan too.

Will be back with a smile soon.