9 March 2007

come on down

I'm feeling better. Not down and grumpy. Why? Because 1: I helped a good friend buy her DSLR (and her first few shots are fantastic!) and 2: I'm getting out of KL for a couple of days. Going Down Under, Singapore that is. Going to chill with some kids and watch other people get creative and all theatre-like.

Will be introduced to a young man, whom one friend wants for me to give him acting tips and another friend who says he's good-looking and swings on my side of the parade. Oh dear! I'm in for a spot of distraction. If I suggest for him to "feel it", he'll think I mean emotions and I'm thinking...you know what I'm thinking! I'll be wishing it's more than just thinking. I prefer to think out loud. Very loud. Yeah baby kinda loud!

Oh yeah baby! Have a great weekend!


wmw said...

Woo Hoo! What a fun weekend it'll be for you. ;o)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

So how was the date? Spill, boy!