7 March 2007

i should be so lucky

Hello Every Body! What a month has past! I missed celebrating most of Chinese New Year because my lower back acted up again which made me bedridden for the first few days of the festival. Then spent the rest of the time recuperating. Only got up on my feet last week. Had to do a show on Saturday. In 5-inch stilettos. Back in pain. Sharp pain shooting down my left leg. What the heck?!? All this at 33. I tell you, I think I should sell my house and retire. Go buy a hut in a village perhaps. This of course kills my plans to buy a bicycle. Can't pedal. I wonder if bicycles come in the one pedal variety?

I haven't taken a decent photograph. My mind is a mess. I can't remember appointments. Nor string a logical sentence together without some crass comment flying off my tongue.

Thank god for trance music. And Sarah Vaughan too.

Will be back with a smile soon.


Vernon said...

Aiyo. Wat's wrong with your back? If you need a chiro to sort you out, there's a pseudo traditional one at Paramount Garden who is excellent.

wmw said...

Okay, doc's order : No heels for a month! ;o)

Edwin Sumun said...

VERNON! Apa khabar fren? I need to call you soon lah. But very shy to kacau you like that. After that boss of yours that I know marah with me.

WMW...Yup, no heels! :)

My back is better now. But aiyoh, when it hurts, it hurts like f**k!

I go see Dr.Needles (acupuncturist)

Anonymous said...

better be careful with ur back bro...it will take toll as u age.

another thing, without trance music life is shit...wiff out this new site: www.sydus.com.sg got some wicked tunes...PEACE