13 February 2007


The girls and me finally got together. Not all of us flew over to Sydney for Cheng's wedding. But when the wedding came to KL this past Sunday night, we all got a shot in before we sauntered to the bar. Yes, we were pissed-faced! Good ol'fashioned headaches and stinky hotel room.

One thing is confirmed: A wedding is only fun when you're part of it. Not as guest cos it's bloody boring and tedious. How many times have you been to a wedding, as a guest, and couldn't wait to leave?

I also need to take a breather from my friends Johnny, Macallan and Dom. Soda on the rocks pour moi.

Class of '07 (l-r): Seows, Cheng, Wei, Candice, Way Cheng, Me & Shen (or Ivy to the boys!)

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Rafleesia said...

Go chickadees! Lovely photo.

Ps. Thanks for "For Those With The Masks". We have come a long way.