26 March 2006

Demi Negara Yg. Tercinta

As I wait for more answers to the question I posted lord-knows-when, here's another one. This year's theme for the Cameronians Awards Night is 'Your Malaysia.'

What is Malaysia to you?

All bloggers' answers welcomed.


Afiq said...

Malaysia is Love...Lots and lots of LOVE

wmw said...

Malaysia is home, and home is where the heart is. No matter where I go, I look forward to being home.

shamaine said...

wanted to be original...but i guess not...first thought that popped up when I read your question was Malaysia is home.I may be in Melbourne right now,I may want to see other places..live there...I don't want to return to Malaysia any time soon...but I know whatever it is..it's still home.

mamasan said...

Would say home, but I think home is not so much a place but a state of mind or memories - where the heart is I guess. I have lived in Australia, and in East Malaysia where I was born, and have travelled a little to my mum's home country of Greece. I would have to say that whatever I have to complain about here in Malaysia, I can pretty much find an equivalent complaint if I were living elsewhere.

So Malaysia is a place where I stay. What makes it home is my family and friends and what I do for a living, so I guess anywhere could be home if I could take all my baggage with me!

What makes Malaysia unique? I really think it's the patriotic songs on TV. I've never seen anything quite like them anywhere else, you know, the slightly condescending-you-wouldn't-know-unless-we-told-you-so we're-telling-you-now advice-y tone that they have which is so not going to win points with any intelligent people out there!

Official congrats on your nominations!

Lovey, c

FireAngel said...

Home. Great food.

doralisa said...

Malaysia is a place just like any other place with a name.
It is a home to many and a torture chamber to some.
It is a land of plenty and yet to the unlucky/poor it yields none.
Multi-cultural and multi-lingual.
It has much beauty, diverse cultures, pleasures and just as many scars.
Malaysia is one-of-a-kind; from it's late night mamak stalls to the endless gatherings of huge families during festivals eating all sorts of food which we never seem to run out of.

To me, Malaysia is unique.

And ultimately, like all other countries/places it is the people residing in Malaysia, its history, cultures and diversity that makes it unique.(just to make a long story short :p)

Kris said...

Friends, Family , Mamaks, Mega malls, Mega malls, Mega malls, Mega malls..beaches, also it's a place where i want to retire. I love Malaysia even with all her flaws :)

Anonymous said...

Malaysia, in my case, is the mother to whom I am the unfilial daughter of. She gave me life, nursed me, nurtured me.....and when i had wings, I took flight. I flew from the very bosom I once felt warm and safe in. But it was a journey that felt very natural for me. In coming to OZ, I felt I was slipping into a comfortable pair of old slippers. Once in a while, I miss the smell and familiarity of that M'sian bosom but no wretchedness do I feel. My well-endowed aussie mum has given me just as much love, if not more, and indeed more opportunities to be who I am....and for what its worth, I shall never lose that Ipoh lass in me....ever.

-CCM- (Demi ibu ku cinta....sorry, Edwin,couldnt help adding this after glancing at yr subject title)

urbanDee said...

Malaysia, the warm blanket to come home to.

Iced Nyior said...

Malaysia...not the most perfect place but its where there are many cherished memories, some bad but mostly good.

wmw said...

Sorry for being Out Of Topic here, but I'm absolutely in love with Daniel Henney. Edwin, if you don't know who he is or how he looks like, hop over to my blog. I'm telling the whole world! LOL! Thought you would love to see how he looks like! What do you think? Or do you only have eyes for Alexandré Despatie????

Edwin Sumun said...

oh...I have many pairs of eyes. daniel is cute but not bad boy enough for my tastes. too much of a boy i guess. that's why I have the hots for Chris, not Ace, in American Idol. kenalah jantan sikit ;)

Skylar Bourne said...

Malaysia is melodramatic, moody and my mother.

blog-hoped from V.

and congratulations on your well deserved nominations!

Stupe said...

Malaysia is everything to me. Can't find any more suitable place to be in and die in.

Elmira said...

Malaysia is where i want to be, but not at the same time. does that makes sense?

so many things i love about Malaysia [the usual suspects: food, culture, people, weather], so many things i wish i can change in day [culture, people, weather.. haha].

but still, am proud to be born a Malaysian, and insya Allah die a Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

'Your Malaysia.'

What is Malaysia to you?

For me, it means the racism of the food, the diversity of the clothes and patterns, the 'adat-menghamba-hambakan' western cultures, integration of black and western in the music sense and the vast potential of the theater world.

We are still untarnished by the standards set by the outside world, though I cant say much for the modenised music sense (some amateurs still prevails with their effort and ethnicity) and impending crime.

But at least one thing remains universal; politics. It's dirty everywhere.

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