8 March 2006


Where was I? Oh yes. A busy week. So many appointments and no time to do much else. No news to crap on either. That has led me to post on one of my other blogs, one that I've neglected for way too long. So, that's where I've been (for the 10 of you who are wondering) and I'm here to say that's its gonna be another couple more days before something gets my goat. I'm out of town for the week and will be computerless. Yay! The next few days will give me the opportunity of watching the world go by. I'll be down south: Johor Bahru and a quick jaunt into the Lion City, Singapore. Bear with me while I go live a life that's more than virtual. Oh, and not having to answer emails. That is such a blessing for me.

I cordially ask all government bodies and world leaders to hold off making any irrational decisions until my fingers get back to the board. And wasn't this year's Oscar ceremony disappointing? Please, it's time we saw the Baftas on telly. I'd rather get some British dry wit and humour than watch a bunch of Uhmericans patting themselves on the back for doing next to nothing. Dato's should also just stay in Malaysia (or Hong Kong) and give up having a career in Hollywood. Felicity Huffman was robbed. I'm in love with Jake Gynllenhal. And thank you Keira for your overbite. My friends and me have had a great time mimicking you. Countless moments. Have I left anything out? OH! Candice and me have sent in our Amazing Race Asia application! Fingers crossed.

Onwards to disc 5 of Rome!


shirlene said...

Snap some pictures and post them up! If you can... ; )

lishun said...

i want billy crystal back! *bawl*

and yes, isn't jake gyllenhaal simply divine? sigh. if only he were clean-shaven.

have fun in jb and s'pore!

wmw said...
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wmw said...

Sorry, some errors on the earlier post.

Crash was good but not that good. Overactinglah. Brokeback, yet to finish the show, mmm...Ouch!!! what's with the rough and tough love? Brit movies? The last good one I saw was Shawn Of The Dead! Oh! Pride and Prejudice (I saw Bride and Prejudice too!). Yes, Jake is cute (Edwin, won't be fighting with you, can't compete with you! hee hee...), cuter than Heath.

I'll cross my eyes, fingers and toes that you and Candice will get to do the AR Asia Edition!

shamaine said...

This year's Oscars almost put me to bed.Thank god my friend's dogs were around to keep me awake! The dresses were so boring and blah plus those pointless montages started to irritate me.How weird were the winners this year?

Anonymous said...

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