21 March 2006

the prodigal son returns

I finally fell asleep at 5 A.M. I waited by the door hoping that Henry would find his way back.

Two years ago he ran out and he came back a day later with a 2-inch wide gash on his neck and a couple of puncture wounds on his body. The neighbourhood gang of vicious hounds got him. But he found his way back. That's why I only let him out if I have the leash on him and we walk for an hour or so. I worried so much more this time because my mother claimed he went as far as the main road.

At 4:30, when I was about to give up my wait and head to bed, I heard him howling. Henry was at the gate. Yes, looking very dishevelled but he came back! Gave him a big hug first and we walked into the house. That was when I noticed the gash on his neck, a cut on his testicle sack and scrapes all over him. I tried to clean him but he wouldn't let me. Left him to sleep.

Today he just sits. I've to let him just recover. Tomorrow I'll take him to the vet. Thanks for all your well-wishes.

xx always.


mamasan said...

welcome back henry!

i hope he gets his little doggy doodle back into working order.

thought is should tell you that i saw "the producers" yesterday and it is a hoot! you've got to watch if, if only for nathan lane and matthew broderick, and of course, that gem of a director's assistant, carmen.

lovey, c

sweethuneyz said...

hey u... glad that he's back in your arms. hope that the visit to the vet goes well.


wmw said...

Yay! Your baby came back! What's the vet's report?

shirlene said...

well done Henry!

San said...

Hey Edwin

At least your dog is back with you. My mom stays in Ipoh, and both out shitzus were stolen from our house while we were asleep in the house.

People nowadays are so heartless. They have been with us for 9 years. sob ...sob

Rarebeet said...

Naughty little henry!! Am glad he is home. If only he could speak then we can ask him about his grand adventure.

shamaine said...

yeay! henry's home!

Brian said...

Thank Heavens!

Edwin Sumun said...

Everyone say a big warm hello to Brian and Lucy from New York City Daily Photo! Thanks for popping over guys!

Henry is better but still hobbling. Being the rascal he is, he tried to walk out when the gate was open earlier.

wmw said...

HELLO Brian and Lucy! NYC is a great place.

CHiQ said...

Aiyuh, poor dear. Henry's so darn cute. I'd dognap him if I had the chance.

Anonymous said...

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