13 June 2006

new vintage

Lightning cracking, a threatening storm and it's only 12 pm. I come back to The Diva Series with only minor changes happening in this little world of ours. Federer tried and failed yet again. Henin-Hardenne showed why she was once World No.1. Schumacher and his team's excuses. Our Malaysian government and their excuses. In Singapore, people would be hanged for a saying a bad word against Minister Mentor Lee. Here, a Tun, a title bestowed only to the worthiest of worthy, faces ridicule of the nation.

Yes, Mr.Tun hasn't been the most popular of leaders with the supposed elite. But dare I say this? Piss off! The man has made some very suspect decisions but really, where would we be today? Still that jungle people (foreign) think we're living in. As a past leader, he is entitled to comment on the policies of the present government. The press, of course, milk it for all its worth. As residents, we have a choice of reading the news or not. Today, front page, a sugar shortage with a picture of a man with a trolley looking at empty shelves in a supermarket. Ground-breaking reportage innit?

And now the rain falls. The sun will rise again. But when?

Until then, I savour the cool breeze wafting through the window-panes.


Jazzmamma said...

'bout bloody time you came out of hybernationisms inniit???

Jade said...

I agree, leave Tun alone. I don't see anyone else *cough, current PM, cough* *cough, convicted ex-DPM, cough* doing anything to equal what Tun has done for the country. He's human, ergo, he has faults but I don't see any monumental developments in the past 3 years. Monumental embarrassments makin banyak, got lah :p

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