3 December 2005

If you're lost, you can look and you will find me...

I wake up this morning in a luscious king-sized bed at the Westin KL after what was a very long but very fulfilling Friday.

At 10:30 am, i was asked to be the Guest of Honour at the Regent Hotel's launch of it's 'Stars on The Christmas Tree' event. In my previous post (Interlude: Addict) I wrote of children whose parents pushed them too hard. On Friday, i met parents who did what they could to ease their children's pain.

The Regent Hotel KL does this event every year. The management put up a tree in the middle of the lobby and hang golden stars on the branches with names of children who suffer from cancer and other bloody illnessess. The purpose of these stars are for those of us who want to make a dying child smile simply by picking a star and giving this child a gift. The hotel plans to collect all these presents and give them to the children by the 21st of December. All these children go through radio- and chemotherapy. Some are only 2 years old.

One little boy, only 2 and a half, came with his mother straight after his chemo sesssion. She brought him because she wanted him to unwind from the stress of chemo and have a chance of playing with the other children, something he doesn't do much of because he's in the hospital at least 3 times a week. She told me he was an active, bubbly child once. The little boy could hardly lift his arm and only managed a smile when i said goodbye to him 2 hours later. His name is Daniel.

Here's a tearjerker for you: Some of them won't live long enough to get these presents. So please (if you're in KL, Malaysia), go to the Regent Hotel KL and pick a star... Make a child smile.

The rest of the day was my corporate emcee event. Fun, Bling-Bling, I get paid lots. Like that lah. Got pissed drunk from the free booze, had strange dreams and here I am now.

Today, I'm going to my friend's 5 year-old son's birthday. He, no doubt, will be getting everything he wants.

Some children are so lucky. Really?

The Diva Series Album of the Morning: Billie Holiday - Lady Sings The Blues (Verve Classics)


nilam said...

a pat on the back for ya. we need more people like you. thank you for sharing. i'll be heading to the regent today.

Edwin Sumun said...

thanks nilam. have a great weekend. xx

Vincenzo said...

Many thanks for believing us from the Regent's communication dept. Stef and I were glad that you and Soraya were able to participate. Unlike the media (other than the few that were present) who thought that it was only some publicity thing. Boo!

Min said...

Edwin, just read your email now 'coz been spending the weekend with 50 of my closest relatives. Had a family reunion with my aunts, uncle, cousins and their offspring. Yup, 3 generation under one roof (two actually but who is counting).

I hope the event was a success. Is it ongoing at the Regent or just for the weekend? How else can I contribute?

Anonymous said...

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