31 December 2005

Finest Hour

I'm 31 and this is the 31st day since The Diva Series found it's breath. 360-something days have past. Tonight will see the world clamour and get caught in traffic to get to the countdown point. Some will pop some pills, some will be working, some will be home watching the stars. All will be with friends.

2006. The Chinese astrologists claim it won't be a great year for most. 2 plus 6 is 8. I would like to remind these astro-people that 8 in Chinese means Prosper(ity).

I began this blog because of my re-education of our musical history (as mentioned in my first post). So, I'd like to close 2005 with a quote.

"...whatever was distasteful or unpleasant or uncomfortable or painful - music could always soothe that. All you have to do is reach out to beauty."
~ quincy jones

To everyone I know and have had the pleasure of meeting (both in body and virtual), clink clink!

See you tomorrow then.

love always,


Thoughs and Trails of Vithya da Babe said...

EDWIN!!! i finally found u!!! do u remember me? Vithya??? i saw u at the Boh! awards.. congrats!!! hit me back k?

Anonymous said...

ONLY 31 and writing like a wise old sage already? *sigh* puts old ladies like me to shame....knew i should have spent more time with my head down over textbooks rather than beachcombing and a-wandering! I guess i just never felt that my chalice was ever full, and somewhere out there is always another experience to add more liquid to it.

May u achieve what u set out to do with this blog idea. Being a canine year ahead,and also being talented, i am sure you will not be short of ideas that will set tails a-waggin'! (tongues too ...maybe?)Good luck.


pwasad said...

happy new year edwin :)

Thoughs and Trails of Vithya da Babe said...

I miss those britney spears songs which u love.. and i miss those talks we had in tht coffee place in Plaza Putra.. hmm.. those times

zona marie said...

heya! happy new year! ^_^ was at my first actorlympics on NYE! wat a great way to begin the new year! heheh... loved the diva "overcoat" you had on.

Edwin Sumun said...

Happy New Year!

Now will go post a comment on all your blogs.

CCM... wise? Hmm... Hope you had a great one down under. My friends called me from Sydney Harbour and they were having a great time. 'See' you soon.

Edwin Sumun said...

vithya...went to your blog to drop a new years salutation but you haven't blogged since august (like my brother) so have a good year dear.

Anonymous said...

Aussie four million bucks spent on a display of fireworks designed to dazzle and impress, I sure hope yr friends there that night felt it was worth every cent. It was certainly an awesome display. I watched it on telly but with some trepidation, wondering if the whole fanfare would abrubtly come to halt by someone's decision to strap a couple of explosives to his backpack and blow himself to eternity....like they did in the Bali bombings and for which many aussie families are still suffering. Where once we chose to live here because of tranquility and peace, we now live with stark public warnings to watch our backs. The world's a-changin'.....


Anonymous said...

Eh, sorry...apologies...shouldnt be piggybacking on yr site just to voice an opinion on a social issue. Too late....i sudah press the button, and i did say b4 that i LOVE pressing buttons! Dang those itchy chiuchow arthritic fingers!


Edwin Sumun said...

please feel free. I agree with your senitiments. the world it-is-a-changin'. What with the recent racial riots in Sydney, it's a wonder that my friends are still alive. And that is the cause for our celebration. Too bad the Aussies had to spend 4 million. Their money, our pleasures.

Everyone around the world is suffering...with each other.

Someone presses a button, and BOOM!

Need we wonder anymore?

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