1 December 2005

Interlude: Addict

The French have a saying, When you do something twice, there will always be a third. This is my third post of the day (and I only just started). But like most things, i wonder how long this 'fix' will last. What is this blogging phenomena? It's going around faster than the flu i caught today. Because of it, I've spent the past hour reading blogs of the world. My brother has one. He tried to get me to start one months ago but I told him I had other 'fixes' to attend to. I then narrowed the search to blogs in my country and I am in awe of some of them. Some people have such strong voices and their words only make you ponder about the mysteries of our lives. Some mysteries are banal, others downright ridiculous.
The one that keeps nagging me in the behind of my bald diva head is this one: The technological advancements of today have led to the lack of personal communication. Yes, I know. Age-old argument many have argued. It annoys me that children are given handphones at an early age and SMS has become the method for saying a simple hello. Then comes the battle of who has the newest, flashiest handphone or gadget. A phone is a phone. Not a status symbol.
A status symbol, in my definition, is when you have a crown on your head and people refer to you as "Your Royal Highness." Some may call me a Queen, thank you so much for giving me a throne, but I prefer you write my name on a cheque. I won't be able to bestow upon you a title but I will buy you a new handphone.
Moving right along.
I was told off for not replying to an SMS that said, "See you in 10 minutes." I was told off 10 minutes after i got this SMS . The person who sent it to me was standing in front of me 10 minutes after i got the SMS. You see where I'm going with this?
Such wonderful values we seem to be instilling in our children. However, not all parents are evil. Just those who don't teach their children the finer points of life.
I work with children when I have the time and it scares me what some parents do with their god-given responsibilties of parenthood. I understand that every parent only wishes the best for their child but sending a 5 year-old to a Mensa class where she has to learn 60,000 new words by the end of the week, then off to a dance class for 12 year-olds and pre-school tuition classes... I'm sorry what? Pre-school tuition?? I met this little girl when I was about to start enrollment for my 7-9 year-old theatre program. I sat in the playroom with this little girl after i told her parents to leave us for a few minutes. They insisted that she was 'mature' enough to join the class. I spent a half hour with her trying to get her use her creative imagination. Most children have a magical forest in their heads and can come up with some wonderful magical creatures once asked. But this little girl couldn't even look me in the eye when she answered my questions. She was talking to me but her eyes were focused on the wall behind me. I asked her if she knew why she was here. She said she didn't. She said came because her mummy said she had to. 5 years-old and without choices.

We have forgotten how to play... getting dirty in the mud, dancing in the rain, life's little pleasures... The tsunami may have hit last year but the waves started washing over us a long time ago.

The Diva Series Album of the Day Part 2: Anita Baker - Christmas Fantasy (Blue Note Records)


cyber-red said...

hellow there! congrats on the new blog *kena bitten by blog bug* lol

do you have an email? I got a picture for ya =)

Edwin Sumun said...

thanks cyber-red ms.insanity. what kind of a picture you got for me?

patrickteoh said...

Hello Mr. Airwin. Welcome to the blog universe. As usual you will blog some award winning stuff. I will be a frequent visitor. And of course I shall link you to my blog.

Much love.

Edwin Sumun said...

hey patrick... how are you? Break a leg for Julius. My love to the rest. i wish I was in Miri with the ICT gang. Spoke to Jazz Mamma earlier...

CHiQ said...

Hahahah... blogging is damn addictive.

Btw, I fulfilled that little promise I made adi. :D

cyber-red said...

ms insanity lol

the picture that i took with yu with a gf on new year's eve at souled out =P

cyberred81 at gmail dot com

rebel_heart said...

i LOVE the way you write !. and you're SUCHA funny guy - but hey , you already knew that . i've actually met you three whole times =D everytime i see you , i go up to you and say hello and attempt conversation . lol . what can i say , i'm a HUUUGE edwin fan .

you're brilliant , buddy . don't stop , don't change . [=