3 December 2005


...there is nothing mellow about being dramatic.

I'm tired as hell, my shoulder is aching and this blocked nose of mine is taking away my enjoyment from some much needed couch potatoing with my trusty remote control. So, what does one do? One decided to see how many people have read one's last post.

I send an email out to 80 people asking them to read my last post in hope that all of them would go pick a star off the chrissy tree at the Regent Hotel. One person said definately and she was going to pop-in while she was in the city. Three more replied saying they had a wonderful read. Okay. 82 kids left to make happy. There are 85 stars.

I was just listening to 'What Else Is There?" the new single by Royksopp and having bought the album months ago, i only just listened to the lyrics (usually I'm swaying to it) and realised how apt...

I don't know what more to ask for, I was given just one wish

I believe in dreams coming true. It's my business. I'm not one to sit in an office and wait for that paltry monthly reward. I wanted to be somebody. Oh, come on, who doesn't want to make a difference? I'm doing what I love and you can never question my passion for it. My work these past 11 years can attest to it.

I was recently told I didn't realise how successful I actually was and told to embrace it. It's a small pond we have here in Malaysia. One bit part in a play and you think you're a star. I'm no bit part actor but with such a small pond, I ain't gonna go splashing around. I'm very content to swim leisurely, enjoying my surroundings. I try to be humble when I must but when i can use it for a purpose, I'll use it. I'm not the only one. Damn it! I was the first of my peers who appeared on stage, film, TV, print and radio all at the same time, I think it's about time for some payback. Someone up there made me famous, so, I'll be selling my face, and my gorgeous voice, to help make some kids smile. Anyone for that matter.

I'm tired of talking to adults. Most of them don't listen. They only hear you when you've said something they don't want to hear. Selective Hearing perhaps? Sod off!

I was given just one wish. And the stars shine bright tonight.

The Diva Awakes!

The Diva Series Album of the Night: The Understanding - Royksopp(Wall of Sound Records)

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