8 December 2005

a review

we have sacrificed the intensity and truth of emotion for the form and structure of a studied language.

words are just words, empty and hollow without the reason of why and where it comes from.

feelings are like the colour spectrum. so many different shades. anger and forced tears are only but two. let's not just leave it at that.

understanding only comes once we accept the emotion that unravels the answers. and even then, more truths will appear, despite the control rein we hold. control is a word coined to ensure that you never step out of line. a line that doesn't even exist.

take the gamble, risk the fear and reach for the unknown.


midnite lily said...

words are nothing without the person saying them. it loses its context when removed from the person bearing the emotion.

the wonder if it coming alive through emotions and that causes the spectrum of emotions, like an undividable affinity.

oh, if only people don't make words look so cheap.

cyber-red said...

took the gamble, dived head in with emotions intact, got messy...

tell me, should we be run by emotions or logic then?

Edwin Sumun said...

Whether you want to be 'run' by feeling or logic is your choice to make. And nobody else has that right. Compromise may come into the equation.

Messy, painful or whatever it is, lessons can always be learned from all experiences. Enjoying the fruits of your your labour doesn't come instantaneously. But they do come.

I believe that life has a rhythm. Slow-driving, sometimes fast-paced. All we need to do is embrace that rhythm.

Never fear if its right or wrong.