18 January 2006


These past 2 weeks have been great! A wonderful start to the year. I guess that's why I haven't blogged about the things that happen around me. Well, I could if I wanted to. There have some minorly annoying people that I had to deal with but nothing that warrants a full-on blog post.

So, where does that leave me, the Diva? I'm still observing the world but this time I've flipped the coin. I wonder what I'll find on this side? People who don't return a smile still annoy me. Hey, I don't think people will change anytime soon. Their need for 'speed' overwhelms their internal need for whatever it is they need to live a contented life. The Australian Open is on so I'll be spending most of my days watching the baselines and volleys. I'll pay attention when someone steps up to the net and takes that risk.

Godbless the little miracles.

I leave you with another set of lyrics from my now very overdue album. Maybe this will be the year. Who knows?

Back to Mine

I’m waiting for that day
When the rain stops and the clouds roll away
Ushered to a faraway place by the winds of time
Waiting for that day when I get back to mine.

I’m waiting for that day
When I can walk proud on the streets and say
That I braved it all, no longer pine
Knowing I will smile when I get back to mine.

Now I’m hiding alone in my halls
Seeing the light only when it calls
Only on stage do I stand tall
Back in my room I cry and I fall

Back in love with you
Everytime I hear your name I do
In love with you
There is only me
Cuddled in my room
Wondering of you
Come back to mine.

Now I know hiding is no longer right
All we did in love was fight
But here I am
And once again
Dreaming of your smiles

Back in love with you
Everytime I only wish the best for you
You know I do
The very best of me
Is what you need but
It’s yet to be until
I get back to mine.


shirlene said...

Good to know you had a good start. The Australian Open? Where can you catch that? I doubt it's our national channels... right?

carina said...

hi Edwin, lovely lyrics! Makes me wonder how the song sounds like :)

cyber-red said...

damn nice the lyrics.. can't wait to hear how it sounds lah =)

damn emo..maybe coz it's what the heart wants..

Edwin Sumun said...

Shirdevil...you can catch Aussie Open on Star Sports. It's on the whole day!

And thanks for the comments on my lyrics. I can't wait to hear it too!

Anonymous said...

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