4 January 2006


One of my favourite things to do is to sit somewhere with a hot cup of coffee, my headphones on and watch the people around me. Sometimes, I make up little stories about them. Sometimes I write my silly poems. Yesterday was one of those days. I would like to thank Telekom for this. If it wasn't for my crappy broadband service lately, I wouldn't have started again. I used to write a lot. It complements the writing I do for theatre. Now it's back. I ended up writing into the wee hours. To tell you the truth, I'm writing lyrics. I'm hoping this will be the year when I begin recording.

My personal writes usually deal with love (boohoo me!) but here's one I'd like to share. One of those 'people-walking-past' type of poems. Bear with me.

Staring out the window
Is it worth it all?
All the pain imagined
Just to stand up tall

Looking at the people
Living out each day
Second best decisions
Still waiting for that call

Glaring at the mirror
Smiling for myself
Until I see the camera
My smile broadens again

Wanting needing breathing living
The world is a better place
Just keep on believing
The mess is just a phase
Gifts we are receiving
Are simply thrown away
Where are we going?
The day begins again.

copyright edwin sumun 2006


Anonymous said...

Edwin, You can get 'caffeinated' the same way by sitting at those coffee places in shopping complexes, esp. those that are on the higher floors and u can overlook the shoppers down below !! Can get more than just a caffeine fix.....a certain kind of voyeurism, if u know what i mean. (...well heeled men picking their noses, or scratching between the legs....equally well decked-out ladies with equally well endowed fronts making funny wriggles as they struggle with G-strings gone askew....! )

Good luck with yr writings...may u get loads of inspiration ! If Telekom can provide u with some, then there must be some truth in that famous cry " MALAYSIA BOLEH!" Over here in CrocodileDundee-land, it's "apa pun boleh"...in aussie lingo, "no worries mate "!


Edwin Sumun said...

After close to 4 years of broadband service at home, the Telekom man says i now have to buy a splitter for the modem. And he tells me that there's a technical problem with my year-old cordless home phone, one he cannot explain. So, now as i wait for a paycheck to purchase these life-saving gadgets, I'd like to say thank you Telekom...no worries mate!

Today, I will be observing from a distance (and height). Ok encik, get your finger ready. I'm watching.

Thanks for a great smile CCM.

Anonymous said...

:) :P :-) ;=) ;p Smiles? No worries mate! More where they came from!


shirlene said...

hello edwin, it's great to read and learn from your blog. I am only 17 turning 18, and I am kind of having difficulties reading in between your lines... geez pity me lol..i got to strive harder huh? lol

hope you had a great day ( or having)

Edwin Sumun said...

Shir, don't concern yourself too much with reading between the lines. Just enjoy yourself. Turning 18 eh? I had a great time then. I hope you are too. Thank you so much for dropping a line. I'm utterly amazed by the people who read this blog.

And I'm having a great day.

Anonymous said...

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