23 January 2006

hallmark stronghold

You have angered Zeus and Hera will not answer your prayers. Three hours later, I watch the re-run of Hercules on the Hallmark channel. It wasn't a very good show but I'm tempted by the tales of Greek gods. As a child, I made my parents buy me books on mythologies of ancient worlds. I read of the great Egyptian pharoahs, the superhuman tales of the gods of Rome and Greece, the legends and myths of Ancient China. There were a great many tales that lulled me into fantastic dreams. Stories of Hang Tuah and Mahsuri didn't fascinate me as much. Pity. The curse bit was fun though.

In retrospect, I now see that maybe it was these childhood readings that sculptured my perceptions of life. Great stories of mortal men who become heroes battling all that the angered gods unleash. Very Barbara Cartland, don't you think? I think so.

Now the bestseller lists list books by Danielle Steel, that Da Vinci code and a million other thriller paperbacks as the words for the mortal man of today. How do we live our dreams if they are filled with conspiracy theories, shopaholic confessions and a really bad movie version of a geisha's ramblings?

We dream anyway. No matter what. I dream of being a father. I don't think that'll come true. The world I frolic in doesn't allow such dreams to come true. However, mentioned in my previous posts and in my daily steps, some do come true. Sometimes luck plays a part, sometimes I become the luck and make my dreams come true.

You have greatness in you. Time will reveal it.

That's a line of dialogue from Hercules (which I watch as I write) and it's been said to me by two people I hold very dear.

I believe greatness lies in all of us. It (greatness) is interpreted however you feel fits your walk of life. I want to learn and share these lessons with as many as I can and be remembered for the presence I've left.

Don't fight for what you believe you deserve. Fight for what you believe is the truth. And that is another way of explaining greatness.

Hercules now begins his first task.


Anonymous said...

I know of many whose dreams of becoming fathers ended up being nightmares!! Same with motherhood. What we dont have, what we see others have, and what is beyond our reach...are like sweet bunches of luscious grapes we long to taste. But there are plenty of fruits in paradise to choose from, we need only change our choices. However do not stop weaving dreams for it is in being a dreamweaver that we know what see the morning light..(remember that enigmatic song "DREAMWEAVER"?)


Anonymous said...

aiyo....must be my lofar eyes..or maybe its cobwebs over my eyes at this late spooky hour...Just wanna correct my typing error above. What i meant to say was ".....However do not stop weaving dreams for it is in being a dreamweaver that we can see the morning light..."

Actually while I am sSTILL at this, I may as well pen a few lines form this Gary Wright song of yesteryear which has touched many a lives. Enjoy.


I have just closed my eyes again
Climbed aboard the dreamweaver train
Driver, take away my worries of today
And leave tomorrow behind.

Dreamweaver I believe you can get me thru the night
Dreamweaver i believe we can reach the morning light.

Fly me thru the starry skies
Or maybe to an astral plain
Cross the highways of fantasy
Help me to forget today's pain.


mamasan said...

Hiya edwin,

Long time since I last commented. I have been visiting, but seeing the length and depth of your recent posts, haven't read them because that warrants concentration and some time to absorb. Since I've been running helter-skelter all week, I thought I couldn't do it justice - and still haven't, yet! Though this post resonates with what I truly believe - that yes, there is greatness in all of us. I also think if we treat others as if their greatness has been realises, most people will rise to that greatness (wah! very si fu-like, dear grass happa...)

Lovey, C

Anonymous said...

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