2 July 2006

ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive

marriage is a conspiracy. read the agony aunt section of the papers.

friendship is an over-used word to describe a selfish existence between 2 or more people.

and people still don't smile enough.

am I having a bad day? on the contrary, I'm having a wonderful day.


b*tch said...

U seem to relish in ur own poignancy.

Bless u.

wmw said...

We all have our own definitions for such words. Heck, we should even have our own "self defined" dictionary! He he ...

Genotzarr said...

I think friendship is on the contrary, a relationship based on sharing, and trading. Which are two activities often considered as not selfish. (I know what you mean though.)
It 's not like you give me one punch and I give you one, you know what I'm sayin'?
It's good stuff that you wanna share for free.
Fak, I lost myself in this $hitty explanation.

Edwin Sumun said...

Thank you for sharing Genotzarr. There are friends and there are those who abuse the word. You try not to brush them off but they hang on you and squeeze all they can. You can punch them if you wish. They won't return it either.

It's good to know someone I don't know has an opinions. Not enough of you around.

WMV, nice to see you. You know how it goes with me. Cheers to you.

Genotzarr said...

Hey thanks man. Your comments are very kind, and I'll come here from now on, cause you got a lot to say.
If you show my drawings to that friend of yours, tell me what he thinks.
Regards.and see you around.

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