17 July 2006

for those with the masks

everybody wants to be a winner and take their place at the top
everyone wants their name up in lights, for the good times never stop
sometimes the bad luck will creep up and catch you by surprise
your mind's confused, you feel misused
you've got to leave those troubles behind

sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
sometimes you wanna cry
sometimes you play the fool

when you cry the whole world laughs at you
they don't seem to understand
but the time will come when the tables turn
and you're gonna have the winning hand

hold on a little longer
try to be a little stronger
and you can win
you can win
and everything is gonna be yours

sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
sometimes you wanna cry
sometimes you play the fool

you gotta hold on
the time will come.

~ patrick moten/sandra sully

Like the title of the post says. You don't have to hide behind a mask just to make yourself feel better. People aren't blind to your fears. The more you hide, the easier it is to see. Take off the mask before it all comes crashing down. If you need to be a bitch, then be one. If you need to be a baby, do it. If your insecurities are making you insane, embrace them. Don't brush them aside. Don't pretend that everything is roses. How many diets can you do? How many pretentious Yoga sessions can you go to? How many lies?

The wall gets higher and higher. It's best you kick it down yourself. Because if someone else does it, you'll suffer the consequences. All on your own. Good times are just that. There will always be bad times. It's how you experience what is laid out on your cards. There's enough crap happening around the world. We don't need another friend turning into a stranger.


b*tch said...

If I had followed ur advice on letting go and be myself, I'd hav :
# lost friends
# lost reputation
# lost respect
..and all just for a moment of freedom.

Is it worth it?

Edwin Sumun said...

You worry too much and the concept of freedom is lost on you. One moment is better than a lifetime of self denial and imprisonment. Did I ask you to be a raving lunatic? Everyone has demons they have to battle. But no one is entirely alone. The decision to live a life free of tangled webs is your own to make.

what is the asterix for anyway? butch? bitch?

Your comment is much appreciated. Thank you for dropping by.

ps. at the end of it, this is just a blog. no human contact and words can be misleading. everyone has their own biased interpretations.

Elmira said...

i couldn't agree more; both on your post and about your ps remark to b*tch's comment.

i myself try to be as honest as i can to everyone, but admittedly, i do catch myself hiding behind these masks once in a while. as cliche as this may sound, but i am after all only human.

jellybeanjune said...

I think people have too much hair.

No, seriously. I agree with you. All this hiding... Once you expose yourself to the world, it is forced to take you as you are. More importantly, YOU are forced to take you as you are.

So walk around naked, and shave all your hair off.

Anonymous said...

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bodicea said...

Love your comment about b*tch's nickname.

Or real name. Either way. Heh.

Oh well, Ego is what prevents people from being straightforward.

Sometimes, honesty is the hardest thing to embrace.

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