3 February 2006


Music is the verse of the soul, and the melody the quiver of a sweet breeze on a heartstring. It's a fairy's magical fingertips fluttering over a sentimental doorway, opening to reveal hidden memories from the depths of the past.

It is the quivering of a chord, penetrating your ears through the waves of ether, only to exit in the form of an ardent teardrop leaving its langorous trace of long lost love or the painful bite of destiny.

Maybe these notes could exit through your lips as they widen with the joyful smile of fulfilment. Music is a body composed of weary sighs, the breath of souls and the spirit of hearts...

~ khalil gibran


PEtrina! said...

Hello Edwin!
I'm from Taylors college and I would like to ask you some stuff for our new online newspaper under Mass Communication... We are interested in haveing an interview session with you.. So would it be okay to give me your email, please?
You can contact me at toiletbowls@gmail.com. hehe...
I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hope to hear a response soon =)
thank youuu!!!

Edwin Sumun said...

hello there. what would the interview be about? and is toiletbowls@gmail really an address? how interesting if yes.