23 February 2006

I don't know what you want but I can't give it anymore

Listening to Mel Tormé and the Pet Shop Boy's Pop Art album after the repeat of this evening's American Idol episode surely must have some kind of subliminal residue in my mind and body. I guess there must be as I'm here writing when I should be nursing my aching lower back by getting some sleep.

Are the Danes afraid that they might one day be citizens of an Islamic country? How threatening is this new strain of bird flu? Should I just leave this song on repeat? Am I gonna blog about something worthwhile? And many other thoughts swimming deep.

It's one of those nights. I know I have something to say but finding the words... This song is just too good. I'm getting up to dance.


Rafleesia said...

Forget news of the world and Paris' fantastic rendition of Midnight Train To Georgia! Stop dancing and fill in the amazing race application form!!!

PS. You'd better get that back seen to before auditions

mamasan said...

"if i had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a single thing. there's no questioning in my heart yadda yadda yadda..."

body-popping at my desk,


su ann said...

dancing alone at home to good music when the night is still is therapeutic :) we share a common diversion from everyday routine.

good 1st run of actorlympics! you're a great host. loved the financial news bit!

sweethuneyz said...

hey edwin....

it was a great show at the actorlympics on the opening nite. i truly truly enjoyed to show. *smiles*

u guys had put up a brilliant show. would definately be going again if its coming back again soon.

sincerely me,

KinkyPugKevin said...

I used to wear my sister's dress when i was about 7 and dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller and Beat It.

I really don't know why i'm sharing this. Ha!

Edwin Sumun said...

Well, when you gotta share, you gotta share. I hope your sister didn't mind.

Thanks for coming to the show guys. Tonight was even more hilarious! The audience was amazing. It gets better every evening. Keep coming cos we all love having you there.

wmw said...

I love Taylor Hicks but not sure if this grey hair guy will be picked as the Idol over X-factor Ace! Who's your fave Edwin?