15 February 2006

dick with a gun

Today's News: Dick Cheney's friend, whom he accidently shot while they were out hunting, has had a heart attack. Does that come as a surprise? I would have a heart attack too if I was shot "accidentally" by someone who was helping to run my country.

What is it with Americans and their guns? Never-ending saga that one.

And the bird flu which has affected most of the world is now, according to the Americans, a threat to the world only because it has finally hit them. So big in fact, it called for a whole episode on Oprah Prime Time. Wasn't it a world-wide threat anyway? Where were they when it happened? Where were they for the Kyoto Treaty? I'll tell you where: Out hunting their friends and shooting their animals accidentally.

I just realised something. Countries whose first alphabet is A seem particularly accident prone. America (idiot presidents), Australia (racist politicians), Austria (little man with a funny moustache), Africa (apartheid). Didn't Argentina have some kind of war too???

I think I'd better stop watching and reading the news for the next couple of years.


Rafleesia said...

YOu forgot Ampang. Isn't that the country where crazy ex-boyfriends come from? You know the type that accidentally sleep with 13-year olds? Haha...!

Edwin Sumun said...


mamasan said...

you very funny la mr edwin. have you found a suitable outfit for wed night? can't wait to see everyone's titties.