21 November 2007


November has seen me emceeing several 10th Anniversary events. I just came home from one.

I thought it was funny but then, you know the universe has a way with things. I realized today that 2007 marks 10 years since I decided to return home. 1997 must've been quite a year.

What happened then? Let's take a short walk.

1) I graduated from Uni. A political scientist (really?)
2) Tony Blair is appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
3) I failed my final auditions to enter The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art AND The Guildhall of Music & Drama
4) I played Macbeth in Germany (maybe that's why i failed to get into Drama school)
5) I retire from acting, packed up and came home.
6) President Bill Clinton bars federal funding for any research on human cloning
7) I get a job as Research Manager for a production company
8) Diana, Princess of Wales...gone
9) Mother Teresa too
10) Hong Kong returns to China
11) I'm asked to join The Instant Café Theatre Company
12) Stock markets around the world crash because of a global economic scare
13) The term "weblog" is coined by Jorn Barger
14) I decide to stay and not go back to Europe
15) My career as an actor in Malaysia begins.

Ta-da! 10 years on, I know who I am and accept the joys and pains the universe has showered on me.

Yes, this is a feelgood post. We live in a bad place now and we need to unlearn and relearn the lessons we learnt so many years ago. Things will always change and we must change with them. How else can we walk freely forward?

Stay locked and stubborn if you wish. Your choice. I made mine.


wmw said...

Well, and here you will stay...:o) Great to have a Malaysian like you. Ten years too late,but guess I can still say it now... "Welcome Home!"

Edwin Sumun said...

aahhhh wmw... I can always rely on you to come by for a visit :)

yup, it's been a great decade. I'm home.